Flying is not just for superheroes.

Who hasn't dreamed of flying away like Superman, feeling the breath of air in their hair and seeing the world in a different light?

  • You want to mark a unique occasion.

  • You're tired of doing the same activities year after year.

  • Are you looking for an exceptional adventure for an exceptional group?

  • Or a moment of intense sharing with your loved ones.

Look no further, Flyin Liège is the ideal place to satisfy all your desires.

Enter in the most exciting free-fall simulator in the world!

On the programme: smiles, good humour and an afternoon your tribe will remember for a long time.


Let yourself be carried away by the wind.


Welcome to Flyin Liège

Why Flyin Liège?

Fun for all

A golden team

Unrivalled comfort

Ideal location

Ensuring that everyone has fun

Whether you're a keen sportsman, a child as young as 4, a grandparent or someone with reduced mobility, there's something for everyone.

The Flyin Liège team can adapt to any situation, so you can share a moment of pure pleasure!

 And it works! Over 11,000 customers a year put their trust in us.

And if, despite everything, some people in your group don't want to fly: no problem.

They can sit comfortably at the bar surrounding the simulator.

They'll have a front-row seat to enjoy your smiles.

Europe's most comfortable wind tunnel

The Flyin Liège is one of the widest in Europe => Your instructor gives you the space to fly freely without fear of hitting the walls.

The air circulates in a closed circuit => Clean, filtered air so you can fly without the slightest dust. (And that makes all the difference, a sand grain at 300 km/h, that stings!) 

The temperature of the wind tunnel is regulated => In the middle of winter or in the middle of a heatwave, the temperature is just right to make the most of your experience.

The entire tunnel is made of armoured glass and is completely transparent.

=> Your loved ones are just a pane of glass away.

=> You can enjoy an ultra-realistic free-fall experience with a 360° view.

With a bit of practice, this is the ideal place to come and perform aerial acrobatics worthy of the greatest superheroes!

The most professional and friendly team in the world

This gives them complete control of the flight, whatever the situation.

There are always at least 2 specially trained people to accompany you:

  • an instructor at your side in the tunnel
  • a pilot at the controls of the machine to adapt the airflow to each participant.
  • Our team is used to leading groups and knows how to create an unforgettable atmosphere

Easy access

Flyin Liège is ideally located just off the motorway, with a large car park just waiting for you.

 It can also be reached by public transport in 20 minutes from the centre of Liège.


Flyin Liège Responsible

"Proflyer since 2019, I've been a customer of freefall simulators for many years. 

Now in charge of Flyin Liège, my team and I are doing everything we can to offer you a memorable experience!

I look forward to sharing my passion for indoor flying with you."

  • Juan-Carlos

    Chief Instructor
  • Adrien

  • Ronald



  • Laurent



  • Nirana

    Social Media


  • Chantal

    Reception & bar

How does a flight at Flyin Liège work?

Day before the flight

Book your flights using the online form and block your schedule.

For a special occasion (birthday, STAG DO/HEN PARTY, etc.), call us for a tailor-made group experience.

We'll take care of the rest!

The d-day

1 Registration

  • Arrive an hour before your flights.

  • Our team will check with you that everything is in order and explain the rest of the program.

  • Sit at the bar in front of the wind tunnel and watch the previous groups flying... It's quite a show!

  • When your name is called, join your instructor for your preparation.

2 Training and equipment

  • Your instructor welcomes you. From now on, he and your group will be a team, and he will support you to the end of the experience.

  • Head for the changing room, where you'll be given all the equipment you need (helmets, goggles, appropriate wetsuits and, for the craziest of you, a superman suit!)

  • You'll be given a twenty-minute training session that will teach you the correct flight positions and the signs to use to communicate with the instructor in the wind tunnel (the wind makes a lot of noise).

  • If you have any questions, talk to your instructor; he'll know how to put you at ease.

Are you accompanied by someone who doesn't fly? That person will be given a prime seat at the bar. They'll have a front-row seat to watch you fly. Don't forget to say hello. We're willing to bet that the happiness in your eyes will make them want to try it.

  1. Flying in the wind tunnel

This is it, you're about to take off!

Together with your instructor and your team, you'll take your place in the wind tunnel airlock. Watch out, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

The adrenalin is pumping as you watch the others flying and wait your turn.

Now it's your turn. Guided by your instructor and cheered on by your friends and family, you enter the tunnel and are carried directly by the wind.

You defy the laws of gravity. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness, you're free, you're floating, carried by the wind.

You and your team can make several passes, each in turn.

And if you feel like it, you can fly much higher! We push the turbine to full power to get you off the ground and up to 15 metres, spinning with your instructor.

Imagine flying like a superhero, feeling the sensation of power and absolute freedom as you soar through the air.

After the flight (To infinity and beyond!)

Mission completed

It's time to put your feet back on the ground... Mission completed!

After a few minutes, you'll receive a code to download photos and videos of your flights. A souvenir to share without moderation.

We're willing to bet that as soon as you hit the ground, all you'll want to do is do it again!

Still have a little time left?

Sit down at the bar and enjoy one of our house cocktails with delicious nachos to share (or not).

They trust us

  • Ma copine a adoré l'expérience Flyin
    Arno - Avis Google

    Je reviendrai pour essayer moi-même l'aventure. L'accueil était topissime et les instructeurs sont super souriant et très rassurant. Ils accompagnent du début à la fin. Au point de demander comment cela s'est passé. La sécurité est vraiment un point que FlyIn maîtrise. Tout est propre et le bar est vraiment sympathique..

  • Encore merci à toute l'équipe
    Malaurie - Avis Tripadvisor

    Deuxième fois que je me rends au Fly-in et j'ai toujours envie d'y retourner, le personnel et l'instructeur sont très sympathiques, de vrais professionnels, j'ai juste envie de recommencer et de m'améliorer. 

  • Nous recommandons
    Josiane - Avis Facebook

    Nous avons passez un chouette moment et belle expérience pour notre fille , service au top que ce soit par téléphone pour la réservation ou sur place .
    Adrien était top très sympathique en mettant les personnes à l'aise. À bientôt

  • Magnifique expérience
    Georgie - Avis Google

    Magnifique expérience pour ma mère et mon père. Grand merci à l'équipe pour l'aide fournie à mon père qui était en chaise roulante et qui à quand même pu voler :)

  • Accueil à Flyin au top
    Sandra - Avis Tripadvisor

    Cette sensation de voler, c'est décidément ce que je préfère plus que tout au monde ! L'accueil à Flyin Liège est au top et notre instructeur Adrien l'était tout autant !
    Le seul point négatif est cette énoooooorme envie de recommencer ! De progresser !

  • Superbe expérience
    Happy mum - Avis Facebook

    Une superbe expérience pour mes garçons de 9 et 11 ans. Le moniteur qu’ils ont eu à été vraiment très gentil et les a bien mis en confiance. Une bonne ambiance, très agréable de voir mes enfants, et d’ailleurs toutes les autres personnes, prendre autant de plaisir. Merci pour ce chouette moment.

    So what are you waiting for to take off?

    Our indoor freefall-simulator is available now, and our team of experienced instructors will be delighted to accompany you.

    Any other questions?


    Are there any conditions or restrictions to be respected before taking part in the activity?

    For safety reasons, it is important to follow the following measures:

    • no alcohol before the flights
    • no history of shoulder dislocation
    • not recommended if pregnant
    • weight is limited to 120 kg 

    The participant may not exceed a weight of 120kg and a height of 1M85, with a balanced height/weight ratio.

    For safety reasons, we have flight suits adapted to larger sizes, which must be worn.

    If the participant is unable to wear one of the suits provided, he/she will be refused access to the activity.


    This is neither a vexatious nor discriminatory measure, but a safety imperative.

    Is there an age limit?

    To fly at Flyin Liège you must be at least 4 years old.

    However, there is no upper age limit.


    Can I be accompanied?

    Of course, accompanying persons can sit at the bar next to the simulator.

     As the simulator is completely transparent, they will have a front-row seat to watch you fly. Don't forget to say hello to them as you pass by 🙂

    After your flight, you can all enjoy a convivial moment together in the bar.


    Can I take part in the simulation if I'm visually impaired, hard of hearing, in a wheelchair or disabled?

    Anyone with a disability or who is visually or hearing impaired can take part in the free-fall simulator.

    Our multi-skilled team will supervise those who need it, adapting the way they work so that everyone feels safe and at home.


    How should I dress?


    We recommend that you dress comfortably with sporty shoes. No skirts, sandals, heels, etc.

    People with long hair are advised to bring a hair tie.


    Can I fly with glasses?

    No problem, you have two choices:


    If possible, wear contact lenses instead of your glasses.

    You can also hire a full-face helmet from reception. It's not only more comfortable to fly in, but also keeps your glasses safe!

    I'm afraid of heights. Is this activity recommended?

    Vertigo only exists when your feet are on the ground.

    During a flight in our wind tunnel, there is no sensation of vertigo, so you can come and fly with complete peace of mind.

    Freefall and parachute jumping

    Do you want to skydive but don't feel completely comfortable?


    Flying in the free-fall simulator will recreate the same bodily sensations as free-falling during a parachute jump.


    Rehearse the important movements (arm and leg positions) so that you're sure of yourself on the big day.


    As these movements will have become automatic, you'll be able to focus all your attention on making the most of the experience.


    To have the opportunity to repeat and correct the positions, we suggest you take at least 2 passes of 1 minute.


    You can also add a 'tornado' flight to go 15 metres high with your instructor and get a taste of the adrenalin rush.


    During the briefing, tell your instructor that you're preparing for a skydive so that he can advise you and reassure you.


    All our instructors are also skydiving instructors! Flyin Liège is the ideal place to prepare for your jump.


    I want to prepare for my skydive


    How long does the flight last?


    Each flight lasts 1 minute, the equivalent of a freefall jump from 4000m!


    Can this help me prepare for a parachute jump?


    The flight in the free-fall simulator will recreate the same bodily sensations (absence of contact with the ground and the sensation of being carried by the air).


    It will also allow you to rehearse the movements you will have to make on the day of your parachute jump (arm and leg positions).


    This preparation will get you used to it and give you the confidence to enjoy your skydive to the full when the time comes.


    Are the sensations the same as when you jump from a plane?


    The bodily sensations are the same as if you were jumping from a plane. The difference lies mainly in the visual context (in our wind tunnel, you fly close to the ground) and in the reduction in stress thanks to the indoor jump.


    It's an excellent way to prepare for a parachute jump.




    How much time should I allow on site?


    Allow around 1? hours for the activity. But you can extend this time by sitting down at the bar for a cocktail and a portion of nachos to share with your friends and family.


    Why do I need to come 1 hour in advance?


    Before you can take part in the activity, you must register at reception and read our internal policies. Depending on the number of participants, this may take more or less time.


    For the turbine to run smoothly and for the groups to be organised, it is important that everyone is ready in time to take part in the briefing. That's why we ask you to be present 1 hour before the flight time.


    Once you've registered, you can sit back and relax in the bar while your instructor comes to collect you for your flight.


    I've made the booking in my name but it's for someone else.


    Don't worry, just mention it on the day of your flight when you register (one hour before at the airport).


    Can I come and celebrate my birthday / Stag Do / Hen Party at Flyin?


    Of course you can! After the activity, you can all sit down together at the bar to extend the experience over a few cocktails and delicious nachos.


    Give us a call a few days in advance so that we can reserve a table for you.


    Would you like a cake or table decoration? We can do that too, just give us a call.


    Call us on +32 4 222 99 22 from Wednesday to Monday, between 10am and 5.30pm.


    Or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Why are gift vouchers only valid for 6 months?


    When we issue a gift voucher, we set the price according to the known costs on the date the voucher is sold. But our costs often increase between the date the gift voucher is sold and the date it is used.


    To minimise the impact of cost increases on our business, especially energy costs, we limit the validity of our vouchers to 6 months.


    This allows us to offer you the best possible price while giving you time to enjoy the gift and limiting the financial risks for us.


    I've received a gift voucher, how do I book?


    Go to and enter your voucher number in the appropriate tab.


    You can also book by telephone on +32(0)4 222 99 22.


    If your gift voucher comes from a partner (e.g. Bongo, Social Deal, Groupon, etc.) we invite you to create an account on our site and to send us your voucher by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Photo / video

    How will I receive the photos/videos?


    You will be able to download the photos and videos of your flights from our website a few minutes after your flight, using the personal code you will have received.


    Photos can be downloaded in JPG format and videos in M4V format.


    Can I bring my go-pro?


    Unfortunately it will not be possible to take images with a Gopro or other camera. As soon as you are equipped, you can no longer carry any external objects with you, for your own safety.


    But don't worry, our team will take care of immortalising your flights. You can buy a video pack at reception when you register or after your flights.


    If people accompany you outside the turbine, they will also be able to immortalise the moment for you.

    Technical questions about the freefall simulator


    What is the purpose of a free-fall simulator?


    Wind tunnels are used by skydivers for training, but also to experiment with aerial techniques and figures. They use turbines to create a vertical flow of air that can blow winds of up to 300 km/h.


    For non-parachutists, the wind tunnel allows them to experience flying in complete safety while having maximum fun.


    When did the simulator open?


    The building in which Flyin Liège operates opened in 2015, but the current team was put in place in 2021.


    What is the height and circumference of the tunnel?


    The tunnel is 17 meters high and has a diameter of 5.2 meters. It is the 2nd widest tunnel in the world and can accommodate 13 professionals at the same time.


    For people flying for the first time, the width of the tunnel offers great freedom of movement and ensures that you don't hit the parrois.


    How is it powered? What does it consume?


    The tunnel is powered by electricity and has 6 turbines, each consuming 333 kw for a total consumption of 2MW.


    How does the air get into the tube?


    We work in a closed cycle.


    The air used in the tunnel does not enter or leave immediately. It is taken through different ducts, passing through the underside of the building, "enters" the glass tunnel through the hatches at the bottom, "exits" through the hatches at the top, is directed to the left and right ends by fans and then comes back down before repeating the same route.


    This ensures that the air is always clean and healthy.


    Anecdote: The first simulators worked in open circuits, meaning that they took in air directly from outside. And a grain of sand at 300 km/h stings! For your comfort, we work in a closed circuit with meticulous air filtering.


    Why is it called a free-fall "simulator"?


    It's called a free-fall simulator because it lets you experience/simulate the sensations of a parachute jump without having to go through the "plane" stage.

    Find out more about indoor skydiving

    Is it considered a sport?


    Yes, free-fall simulation is a sport that is divided into several disciplines:


    Relative flight (RV): Flights on the stomach where a team of 4 or 8 people have to perform a series of tricks in the time allowed for a parachute jump (45 seconds).


    Freefly: Discipline involving freefall in various vertical positions (sitting, standing head up, head down) as opposed to the horizontal orientation known from relative flight.


    Freestyle: A real "dance in the sky", this is a series of artistic figures derived from gymnastics and trampolining.


    Can you learn to fly?


    Absolutely, just as you can learn to swim, you can learn to fly.


    Lessons are given by our instructors in private sessions here at the school.

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