General conditions for participation in a flight

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1. The Contract with Flyin Liège takes effect on the date of effective payment of the Gift Voucher.

  • If you make your booking via the internet, we will probably contact you by phone if we need to move it. 

    You will be offered the available time slots, however, if you are the only booking in a time slot, we will not be able to switch on our turbines for a few minutes of flight. 

    We will then advise you of a time that is suitable for the activity, without the risk of change.

2. The gift voucher is valid for six months.

3. There will be no full or partial refund of the price of the flight, in the event that the participant has entered the wind tunnel and refused to fly. Under these conditions, Flyin Liège will have fulfilled its obligations.

4. The flight will be carried out with an experienced instructor, having undergone special training for the accomplishment of this type of flight.

5. Freely exercising is not possible for people without any experience. This decision is at the discretion of the instructor.

6. Persons other than the instructors attached to Flyin Liège are not authorized without the prior written authorization of the management, or its agent, to train, train or coach in the Flyin Liège wind tunnel.

7. Due to the competence of the instructors as well as the quality of the installations, the flight presents little risk of accident. However, even in optimal flight conditions, the risk of injury cannot be excluded, for example following a blow against the wall of the wind tunnel. Each participant will have to complete and sign a registration form before the flight.

8. Participants are prohibited from using or participating in Flyin Liège activities if they are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

9. The offer as well as the carrying out of flights are exclusively reserved for Flyin Liège as well as to persons employed by this company. As a result of a large influx, insufficient execution capacity, it is necessary to consider possible waiting periods or even outright postponements. We expressly emphasize that it is impossible to guarantee the performance of a flight at a pre-scheduled time or even on a date without prior appointment. The participant implicitly accepts that the active professional members of Flyin Liège have, in the event of conflict, priorities over the interests of the participant.

10. Flyin Liège reserves the right to refuse a flight to a participant when valid reasons prevent or endanger the safe execution of the flight. In this case, the amount paid will be fully refunded.

11. In the event that the participant should be refused the execution of a flight for reasons attributable to him such as:

a) Failure to comply with Flyin Liège's internal regulations;

b) Failure to comply with instructions or recommendations from Flyin Liège or its employees;

c) Endangering one's own safety or the safety of third parties

there will be no right to a refund.

d) The participant may not exceed a weight of 120kg and a height of 1M85, with a balanced height to weight ratio. 

We have flight suits available for taller people and it is compulsory to wear them for safety reasons. 

If the participant is unable to wear one of the suits provided, he/she will be refused access to the activity. 

This is neither a vexatious nor discriminatory measure, but a safety requirement. 

12. It is, under penalty of expulsion, strictly forbidden to bring drinks, sweets or food and / or smoking articles into the wind tunnel. Sharp and / or loose objects, including keys and jewelry, cannot be brought in or worn.

13. Participants are required to use the material provided by Flyin Liège in a timely and careful manner and to return it in good condition. They are responsible for damage to the material supplied.

14. The participant accepts that the information mentioned on his application form is recorded by computer and can be transmitted to a financial body and / or to an insurance company in order to be able to ensure the processing of related transactions. In the event of a Video and / or photo report, he accepts that Flyin Liège keeps all copyrights and can use them for advertising purposes.

15. Flyin Liège expressly reserves the right to modify this contract at any time.

16. Special conventions or agreements must always be made in writing. If any of the clauses of this contract should prove to be formulated in an incorrect or non-existent manner, then an agreement will be reached in the spirit which best corresponds to this invalid clause. In the event of incorrect wording or invalidity of an article of these regulations, the other articles remain applicable.

17. Multiplication, editing or modification of Gift Vouchers is not permitted. In the event of an infringement, Flyin Liège reserves the right to refuse the Gift Voucher and to take - without notice - legal measures vis-à-vis the offender.


1. Have a good general constitution, without requiring a marked development of the musculature. The tendency to obesity will be appreciated by the functional repercussions it entails.

2. Have a normal abdominal strap. Hernias, weaknesses and lesions of the abdominal wall contraindicated with the effort of the flight are eliminatory. The last major surgery related to the abdominal strap will be more than three months old.

3. Interventions on the large vessels and on the arterial circulation of the lower limbs are in principle a contraindication.

4. Possess the functional integrity of the respiratory system, the latter may not show any clinical sign of tuberculosis. All cases of asthma and emphysema should be examined for the lungs.

5. Serious digestive disorders which may present a significant risk of sudden incapacity are at the discretion of the examining physician.

6. Any history of trauma, injury to the brain or skull should be the subject of a thorough neurological examination. The EBG being subject to the assessment of the medical examiner.

7. Will be eliminated the subjects presenting an exaggerated emotivity, a neuropathic state, character disorders or anomalies of the personality.

8. Any history of cardiovascular disease should be carefully examined cardiologically.

9. Be free from disorders of the spine, pelvis and limbs, which may constitute an obstacle to flight safety under usual conditions.

10. Be free from signs of chronic drug or other intoxication.

11. For female applicants, pregnancy is a contraindication.

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